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Simple, Chic, & Cheap – 9 Holiday Decorating Ideas That Only LOOK Expensive

Simple, Chic, & Cheap – 9 Holiday Decorating Ideas That Only LOOK Expensive

Are you just in love with the holiday decor you see online and love, but can't afford to splurge so much on it? Do you lie awake at night and on the weekends salivating over the holiday settings you see on Instagram and Pinterest? Instead of spending precious hours decorating the house, you want to relax at home and spend your free time as you like.

It's appealing that you wish your home to appear just like the houses you see in magazines that feature holiday decorations.

As a mother of twin daughters, it's difficult for me to justify the expenditure of money on seasonal decorations for my home. And honestly, by the time I get home at night, I am worn out and are therefore unable to put much effort into decorating. I identified an easy and affordable way to decorate for the holidays, giving me that magazine-ready appearance without breaking the bank or my back.

And today I am sharing with you all the tips I've learned with you.

9 Holiday Decorating Ideas That Only LOOK Expensive

You can attain the high-end holiday appearance you desire without breaking the bank or forgoing sleep.

Decorate a 10-Foot Tree for Less than $50

The entire area of this tree was decorated with Dollar Store ornaments for under $50. How wonderful is that?! Not only is it inexpensive, but the step-by-step video tutorial assists with showing you how to do it so it's easy!

DIY Scarf Garland

The moment I saw this idea, I instantly understood how clever it was! Using bulk online purchases as a bulk chain for my tree looks luxurious and lavish! It takes only a few minutes to add the disk garland and looks expensive even though it s not one!

DIY Christmas Ornaments

These quick ornaments take about 10 seconds per to make; they may look like something you'd find in a high-end boutique. Choose any color you want and hang them on a tree or string them up to hang on a fireplace or wall. Bonus: your kids can help you make this so you can have fun getting cozy for the holidays.

Create a centerpiece that makes a big impact

Choose another idea that is easy for you to implement using any colors you like, and this dynamic and engaging project can be implemented in only minutes. They are best for decorating a mantel or tabletop. Since they can be created by anyone, this is also a great project for kids.

Put free printables in a frame

I love adding holiday decorations to our home by buying inexpensive frames in the dollar store, then adhering matching printables to the surfaces. It is an inexpensive and tiny project, and the frames easily bring a festive atmosphere to any room.

Add holiday throw pillows and a wreath

Pillows are an excellent way to add sparkle and life to any room. You would be surprised at the charm that can be added with just a handful of throw pillows and a wreath!

Garland for the win

Like throw pillows and mantelpieces, a garland makes a house feel festive for the holidays with little time and expense. Target and Home Goods are my go-to stores for a festive garland. Woolen garlands are made from felt are my favorite!

Simple and Affordable Outdoor Decor

This small collection of fresh pine clippings, a package, and a bell resembles a million dollars, but cost you virtually nothing. If you're unable to purchase fresh pine, most Christmas tree lots will give you cut tree clippings free of charge!

DIY Reindeer for (almost) FREE

This is a personal favorite of mine. We made this adorable reindeer from logs and sticks we found in our yard. Then we added an old used scarf and a small red Christmas ornament to wrap it up. It was mostly free and took about 30 minutes to construct.

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